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LegalWiseNC is a Virtual Law Office powered by the Law Office of Zachary B. Setzer, PLLC, a Charlotte and Monroe NC Estate Planning Attorney. Our innovative client portal technology allows us to engage in a lawyer-client relationship online without our clients ever having to meet with us face-to-face in our physical office.

Communications between lawyer and client are mediated primarily through the ultra-secure client portal’s messaging system. We encourage use of this method of communication because it is far superior to email in terms of security and protecting confidential communications. We also communicate with clients via telephone and Skype video chat. And of course, clients are always welcome to schedule an appointment in our Weddington, NC office.

Our 5-Step Process

This Virtual Law Office web service supplements and complements our full-service physical office located at 1940 Weddington Road in Weddington (Union County), where we focus on Family Law and Estate Planning.

Our website allows clients state-wide to hire our firm for legal services on a fixed-fee basis without having to visit our office in Weddington. Much like online banking, clients use a personal login portal to access their individual account in the Virtual Law Office, where they can view and upload documents and other information and see the status of their matter 24/7. Information can be exchanged via traditional methods like mail, telephone, and fax or 100% digitally through the software’s upload and download features. Example services include litigation documents like complaints or legal briefs, separation agreements and property settlements, business formation documents like corporate Articles of Incorporation, contract drafting, and estate planning documents like wills, powers of attorney, trusts, etc. Clients are then instructed on how to file the documents with the appropriate court or government body, if necessary.

We offer a wide range of services, from court coaching for clients representing themselves (pro se) to estate planning to divorce assistance and more.

If you are looking for a quick answer to a quick question, our Legal Advice by Phone, Email, and Webcam services are a great alternative to scheduling an in-office consultation.

Whether you need help creating (or choosing between) a corporation or limited liability company, need to trademark your new company logos, are suing or being sued in court but don’t want or can’t afford full-service representation, or anything in between, there is a good chance LegalWiseNC will be able to help you out and save you money.

Accessing Online Legal Services is Easy!  Here’s how it works:

LegalWiseNC’s online platform gives you 24/7 real time access to your secure private account where you can view your files, monitor updates, status changes, and charges. There are no hidden fees or costs. LegalWiseNC also offers you the ability to purchase unbundled documents and additional services on demand at a fixed fee.

You’ll never have to miss work, travel to a law office, or wait for long periods of time to talk with a lawyer. Talking with a lawyer is as simple as creating an appointment online for consultations via telephone, Skype or online chat.

How Our System Works

  • We help North Carolina individuals and small businesses deal with their legal problems without spending thousands of dollars in legal fees, or resorting to non-lawyer alternatives like LegalZoom.
  • We offer legal forms bundled with legal advice for a fixed fee.
  • We also offer traditional legal service that we bill either on a fixed fee basis per project, or by the hour, depending on the matter and the type of legal problem.
  • Within this secure space you can purchase the legal services that we offer and your entire transaction can be conducted online.
  • To purchase a legal form bundled with legal advice you start by completing an on-line questionnaire. You can start your questionnaire for free without paying a fee.


Only a Law Firm Can Give You Legal Advice.

A forms company cannot provide you with legal advice and adds very little for the fees they charge, such as making sure that you spell your name correctly!
Please contact our office directly for any questions that you have or issues that are not addressed by this web site. You can also use the contact form in the right hand column of this web site to contact us directly. We will get back to you promptly.

Phone: (704) 288-4700
1940 Weddington Road
Weddington, NC 28104

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