North Carolina Uncontested Divorce

North Carolina Uncontested Divorce – $200

This service is for clients going through an uncontested divorce, meaning the parties have settled all issues relating to property division, child support, child custody, and alimony and neither party objects to the divorce. You will represent yourself in a short and simple court hearing. We will provide you with all the paperwork you need as well as detailed instructions on what you should do to file the divorce papers and what you should do at the divorce hearing. We will provide you with coaching by email and/or by telephone.

The $200 fixed fee includes the drafting of your court papers, instructions for filing and serving your court papers, and up to one hour of attorney time. For clients who have already settled all issues with their spouses and thus qualify to file for an uncontested divorce, one hour is ample time to complete the representation. This fee does not include your court costs ($225) or service of process fees ($30 for service by sheriff). A $100 per hour additional fee applies to cases in which more extensive assistance is required. To inquire about a fee estimate or fixed-fee quote customized to your situation, please contact our office.

Requirements for an Uncontested Divorce in North Carolina:

In North Carolina, the only grounds for absolute divorce are continuous separation of the spouses for at least one year and a day or incurable insanity. A divorce action may be filed in a county where either spouse lives and has lived for at least six months prior to filing, or in any county if neither party objects to where the divorce action is filed. Historical fault-based grounds like adultery are still factors for alimony and divorce from bed and board, but they play no role in dissolving the marriage.

A divorce is uncontested when the parties will not ask the court to decide other issues related to divorce, such as alimony, child support, child custody, and property division. Furthermore, a divorce is only uncontested if neither spouse will take any action to resist entry of a final divorce decree.

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About Our Online Uncontested Divorce Service

LegalWiseNC is the online arm of the Law Office of Zachary B. Setzer, PLLC. We offer fixed fee, online legal services for separating and divorcing clients in North Carolina. Our service replaces traditional, in-office client communications with communications over email, telephone, Skype, and/or our secure client portal. Our online clients receive the same time, attention, and high quality service as clients who visit our office in Weddington.

Among the many tools we use to keep our legal fees low, we use document automation software similar to what you might find at LegalZoom®or RocketLawyer®. However, unlike a document assembly company, we merely use our questionnaires and document automation technology as a starting point in our relationships with clients. And unlike those companies, we are a law firm registered and licensed to practice law in North Carolina. Furthermore, when you become our client, you receive the full legal protections associated with the lawyer-client relationship, including the duty of confidentiality.

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